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Who is it for?

  • Any business that uses gas or electric energy
  • In a deregulated energy state (view list)
  • Need to simplify their bills
  • Want to support green energy
  • Unhappy with their current provider
  • Want to better plan their monthly budget


Q:What is deregulation?

In deregulated markets, you can pick your supplier, just like you’d pick a cell service or cable/satellite provider. Deregulation has occurred in most states through North America. Deregulation lets energy suppliers enter the market and offer their supply directly to businesses. Energy costs are not regulated in these states and businesses are not required to receive supply from their utility.

Q:What suppliers are available in my area?

Check out our energy service providers map for a full list of deregulated states (including some provinces in Canada!). In order to give you an accurate list of providers in your local area, please contact us directly – we’d love to help you save some money! 

Q:Is there any cost for me to make the change to an alternative gas or electric supplier?

No. Neither the public utility nor the new supplier charge any fee in this transaction. (1 free switch per year)

Q:Will I receive a bill from you guys?

No. Our energy brokerage services are completely free to you. Our experts provide the information you need to make a smart energy choice for your business. Once you’ve decided, we are paid by the energy supplier you choose. Think of it like a referral bonus!

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