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It’s All About Deregulation. Deregulation = Competition.
And Competition = Big Energy Savings.

Here’s how energy deregulation has changed the game:

Before Deregulation

deregulation infographic usa energy options

After Deregulation

after deregulation infographic, usa energy options

USA Energy Options gathers rates & options from trusted
Energy Suppliers for you to compare.

Finding The Right Supplier

Make smart energy decisions for your business with USA Energy Options

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With dozens of natural gas and electricity suppliers to choose from, how do you know which provider is best for you? Our team:

  • Works only with trusted, reliable energy providers.
  • Gives you a dedicated partner that manages your energy relationships & stays on top of changes in the energy market.
  • Provides the information & experience you need to make smart energy decisions for your business.
  • Makes our services completely free to you.

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Why Switch?

  • save around $83 a month by exploring alternative energy suppliersSave money
    You can save an average of $83 every month. Energy costs become more predictable (good for your budget!)
  • no interruption in service when you switchNo interruption in service
    Switching energy suppliers is seamless
  • opt for green energy optionsOpt for green energy options
    Support the environment with wind, solar & hydro power
  • energy rates are going upEnergy rates are going up!
    The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) predicts energy prices increasing 2% each year. Lock in low now!
  • It's totally freeIt’s Free
    You don’t pay us a dime. Ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Can I choose my distribution?

No. Distribution or “last mile” service will still be provided by your local utility company over their pipes and lines. They will continue to read your same meters and service your account .

Q:Why was the energy market deregulated?

A deregulated energy market encourages energy suppliers to differentiate their services from your utility by promoting innovation within the energy industry. Things like increased green energy supply is a huge perk. It is also expected that deregulation helps lower costs for every consumer by creating a competitive market. Before deregulation, your local utility could charge whatever they wanted and you were stuck with it. Now, you have a choice.

Q:Is there any cost for me to make the change to an alternative gas or electric supplier?

No. Neither the public utility nor the new supplier charge any fee in this transaction. (1 free switch per year)

Q:Are these new suppliers dependable?

States require all energy suppliers to be authorized by the state’s utility commission. This means that 1) yes, they’re reliable and 2) if they ever go out of business, you’ve got a safety net and your business’s lights will stay on.

Q:Once I switch, who will send me my monthly utility bill?

Your utility will continue to send you a bill as they do now when you choose a new energy supplier. Only in rare cases for very large customers would a utility bill come from a supplier and not the utility. On this rare occasion you would be notified ahead of time.

Have more questions? Find answers in our FAQ.

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