How It Works

Q:Can I choose my distribution?

No. Distribution or “last mile” service will still be provided by your local utility company over their pipes and lines. They will continue to read your same meters and service your account as now.

Q:Why was the energy market deregulated?

A deregulated energy market encourages energy suppliers to differentiate their services from your utility by promoting innovation within the energy industry. Things like increased green energy supply is a huge perk. It is also expected that deregulation help lower costs for every consumer by creating a competitive market. Before deregulation, your local utility could charge whatever they wanted and you were stuck with it. Now, you have a choice. Deregulation is better for the consumer.

Q:Is there any cost for me to make the change to an alternative gas or electric supplier?

No. Neither the public utility nor the new supplier charge any fee in this transaction. (1 free switch per year)

Q:Are these new suppliers dependable?

States require all energy suppliers to be authorized by the state’s utility commission. This means that 1) yes, they’re reliable and 2) if they ever go out of business, you’ve got a safety net and your business’s lights will stay on.

Q:Will I need to cancel my current service?

When you choose to sign up with an alternate gas or electric supplier, your service will not be interrupted. There is no need to cancel or change your service with your utility. We will work with both supplier and utility to ensure a smooth change over. The only change that you will notice is a lower price on your bill.

Q:Once I switch, who will send me my monthly bill?

Your utility will continue to send you a bill as they do now when you choose a new energy supplier. Only in rare cases for very large customers would a utility bill come from a supplier and not the utility. On this rare occasion you would be notified ahead of time.

Q:Why should I choose to work with USA Energy Options instead of going to energy suppliers directly?

1. We are one of the ‘largest geographic energy agencies’ in the nation with many qualified and certified agents. Our footprint runs from the West Coat with agents in California, to the East Coast with agents in New York and Florida, and 20 states in between. 2. Our suppliers have been in business for many years. Some of our individual suppliers as long as 100 years, some with millions of customers and billions of dollars in energy sales and assets. 3. Most Alternative Energy Agencies only represent one Supplier, maybe two. We shop for you with numerous major suppliers (depending on the State) and obtains the best rate and guaranteed savings for you. 4. Our agents are trained to serve you in a professional, low-keyed, no hustle - no hassle approach.

Electricity & Gas - Options & Rates

Q:What is a fixed rate?

Fixed rates provide you with stability and predictability for the entire term length. It’s a rate structure where the charge for each unit of energy will not change over the term of the contract.

Q:What is a variable rate?

Variable rates give you the opportunity to secure the lowest possible rates for energy during any given month. These rates come with a risk factor inherent with the changing energy market landscape, meaning sometimes your rates will go up. The charge for each unit of energy may fluctuate.

Q:How are the prices for energy determined?

Energy prices are driven by market conditions. In the same way the stock market changes on a regular basis, so do energy prices. Energy prices are driven by supply and demand.

Q:Do you have plans where I pay an averaged amount each month?

While we don't offer any plans that normalize your payment every month, more often than not, the supplier that issues your bill does offer this service. Ask them about their budget billing plan to find out.

Q:Will I need new equipment with a new supplier?

No, you don’t need new equipment when you switch suppliers. All suppliers work over the same lines that go to your business. The main thing that changes is where the energy is coming from.

Q:Who do I call of the power goes out?

You’ll contact your supplier for any outages or service issues that may occur.

Green Energy - Options & Rates

Q:What is green energy?

Green energy is energy produced by renewable resources like wind, water (hydroelectric), and sun (solar). Green energy supply products include provisions for the purchase of carbon offsets or electricity specifically generated with renewable resources.

Q:How does my power company deliver green energy?

Green energy supply is "injected" into the electricity grid, making it greener than it otherwise would have been.

Q:Can I have both green & traditional energy suppliers at once?

Yes! Many plans include green energy supply as a percentage of total supplied energy (ex: 20% green, 50% green, 100% green). Talk to one of our energy experts to find out if green energy options are available in your area.

Q:Are there green energy suppliers in my area?

Talk to one of our energy experts to find out if green energy options are available in your area.

Q:Do I get any tax perks or rebates for choosing green energy?

Usually no, but we recommend speaking with your accountant.

Q:Is green energy reliable?

Yes. States require all energy suppliers to be authorized by the state’s utility commission. This means that 1) yes, they’re reliable and 2) if they ever go out of business, you’ve got a safety net and your business’s lights will stay on.

Q:How is solar, wind, and hydroelectric energy produced?

Solar: Solar energy is the sun's energy captured through the use of solar panels. Wind: Wind power is generated through the use of giant windmills. Hydroelectric: This energy is produced by harnessing the energy inherent in constantly moving water (rivers/dams).  All of these renewable energy sources are fed back into the power grid and delivered to your business by your local utility.

Q:How do I know if my green energy is coming from solar, wind, or hydroelectric sources?

This will be disclosed in the terms and conditions prior to signing a contract.

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