Who We Are

USA Energy Options is an energy brokerage company that specializes in helping businesses, organizations, and municipalities save 10-50% on natural gas and electricity.

  • We are partnered with the “#1 Most Admired Energy Company in the Nation”
  • Have contracts with big names like the City of Chicago, Walmart and Target and service over 400 public schools
  • Fortune 500, $14 billion company listed on the New York Stock Exchange that serve over 5 million customers nationwide

Why You Save

Over the past couple of years, State Public Service Commissions across the nation have been requiring public utilities by law to deregulate natural gas and electricity. This now provides you with the option to choose who you purchase their energy from, much like the telecom deregulation in 1980’s. As these public utility monopolies are broken up, increased competition leads to lower prices for the consumers who choose an alternative energy supplier.

What We Do

As a non-biased energy brokerage company, USA Energy Options helps consumers shop around for the best rates on natural gas and electricity by having our numerous suppliers compete for your energy contracts. Once we receive all of the quotes from our suppliers, we present you all of your options at which time you are able to choose which option saves you the most money and provides you with the terms & conditions that make sense to you.

No Cost To You

Our services come at zero cost, zero obligation to you. If you choose to sign up with one of our suppliers to receive cheaper natural gas or electricity, we are compensated by the supplier you chose to sign up with. Since we are a non-biased energy brokerage company and get compensated equally no matter which supplier you choose, our only motivation is to show you the largest savings possible on your energy bills.

What To Expect

USA Energy Options adheres to a simple four step process:

  1. Assess your previous energy usage
  2. We have our natural gas and electric suppliers compete for your business based on price
  3. Present all of your options and make a recommendation based on your needs
  4. You are able to choose the contract and supplier that saves you the most money on your energy bills and contains the terms and conditions that make sense to you

Suppliers We Represent

View our suppliers page.

Largest Services Area

Due to our relationships with numerous suppliers, we have one of the largest service areas in the country helping businesses in over 43 states save money on natural gas and electricity. We will continue to expand our service area to better serve our clients as additional states deregulate their utilities.

Who is it for?

  • Any business that uses gas or electric energy
  • In a deregulated energy state (view list)
  • Need to simplify their bills
  • Want to support green energy
  • Unhappy with their current provider
  • Want to better plan their monthly budget

What Our Clients Say


Owner, A. Maestranzi and Sons Knife Co.

“After choosing a new energy supplier through USA Energy Options, my business is saving over $70 a month on our electric bill. If you’re still receiving energy service from your main utility company, request a rate review from USA E.O. just to see what’s out there. These guys will find a way to save you money.”

Featured Client

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